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Plus Automation - An overview

When Plus Automation was founded in 1993, few had thought of an IT Consultancy & Service organization surviving in a location like Jammu in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, especially at a time when Kashmir was on the boil.

We at Plus Automation are pleased to share that we are still alive and sometimes even kicking! It is indeed pleasant to hear especially from IT professionals that when it comes to Website Development, Maintenance, Customised Software Solutions, the only trustworthy name that seems synonymous with websites in Jammu & Kashmir, is Plus Automation.

An increasing number of clients, most of these are referred by our existing clientage is a satisfying stage of journey we undertook almost 27 years back. It also points to the acceptance of the fact that when it comes to Website Development, Maintenance, Customised Software Solutions names like Plus Automation have changed the mind set of people from Jammu & Kashmir that they can only depend on companies from outside the state. Our client list not only includes some the best names in Jammu & Kashmir but from outside the state and some from Europe & US.

We count ourselves lucky to have found several wonderful supportive clients willing to trust Plus Automation with their brands and money while looking for Website Development, Maintenance, Customised Software Solutions that had to be comparable to trends across the globe. At Plus Automation we acknowledge with thanks every one of our clients who gave us an opportunity to show what we can do for them.

To suits the needs of our clients, we have been working with different clients in different ways. For those who depend on us for Website Maintenance & Support Services, Plus Automation is responsible for all that goes with the regular website updation on a continuing bases.

For Design Conceptualization, Development, Production & Quality Assurance of a new website or revamping the old website, our creative experts ensures that the solutions best suit your current focus. We develop websites wherein the organization’s work leads the viewer through the website in an organized and systematic way. The design and layout of the website ensures that the site looks presentable and is easy to navigate.

Our Customised Software Solutions was set-up to have greater control over the online audience that our clients have been look for. That is because online presence becomes more meaningful when it translates in to profits for all the stake holders. It is a continuous process of exploration that keeps our experts on toes as changes take place regularly that one needs to implement into the online architecture in an ethical but effective way for the required results.

Plus Automation has continuously identified and invested in the emerging trends with a vision to provide best affordable Website Development, Maintenance, Customised Software Solutions to its clients with a long term commitment to the IT industry.

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