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Database Management

Database Management refers to the whole set of activities performed to ensure that a database is always available as needed by the organisation ensuring complete Security, Database Monitoring and Troubleshooting, and planning for future growth.

Database Management is an important function in any organization in today's scenario.

The Database Administration is usually a dedicated role in the IT department for large organizations. However, most ot the organisations outsource or contract the role to a specialized professional and that is where we step in.

The primary role of Database Management is to ensure maximum up time for the database so that it is always available when needed. This will typically involve proactive periodic monitoring and troubleshooting. This in turn entails some technical skills on the part of the Database Administrator. In addition to in-depth knowledge of the database in question, we also have the knowledge and the required knowledge in the platform (database engine and operating system) on which the database runs.

A Database Administration is typically also responsible for other secondary, but still critically important, tasks and roles. Some of these include:

Database Security - Ensuring that only authorized users have access to the database and fortifying it against any external, unauthorized access.

Database Tuning - Tweaking any of several parameters to optimize performance, such as server memory allocation, file fragmentation and disk usage.

Backup and Recovery - We ensure that the database has adequate backup and recovery procedures in place to recover from any accidental or deliberate loss of data.

Producing Reports from Queries - We generate reports through queries, which are then run against the database.

Database Management function requires technical training and years of experience. Because most relational database products today use the SQL language, knowledge of SQL commands and syntax is also a valuable asset for today's Database Management.

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